AT Venture Center interviews and selects companies for the accelerator program. The companies receive training, advice, and connections and support in capital formation. The program includes "office hours", where startup founders meet individually and group meetings.

AT Venture Center's  motto is "Global Techtrepreneurship- Accelerating the Pathway to the Future." The program teaches founders to market their product, team and market, refining their business model. AT Venture Center believes that they key to success is scaling the startup into a high growth business and do it at light speed.

AT Venture Center has introduced additional programs since 2017, including:

  • In Aug 2017, AT Venture Center launched in collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology,  College of Engineering Technologies, the 9 Course Commercialization and Techtrepreneurship Certificate program. The certificate program is aimed at companies at an earlier stage and geared towards professionals who want to understand and become technology entrepreneurs.
  • In May  2019, AT Venture Center  introduced the ATVC Accelerator fund and launched 6 top startups into the accelerator:
    • Blowout Squad
    • Sanatela AT Medical Solutions
    • Dental IOT
    • Sanatela Life Sciences
    • Sanatela Precision Cancer Diagnostics
    • Sanatela Regenerative Medicine