By Michael Crowley Copyright 2019, All rights reserved

When I founded the US-China Center for Advanced Technology Venture Creation, LLC in April 2017 pursuant to an agreement I had reached with Jiangsu Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation (JAISTC) I knew that I had taken on the very coomplex and  significant burden required to completely organize joint advanced technology venture creation efforts in both China and the US. The training effort alone would take signifcant time out of my seemingly already overflowing current schedule of activities, 

The first step was obviously to train the Jiangsu team and the second step was to recruit and train our US Center team. Supprisingly, both teams came together fairly easily with Dr. Ben Wang, Dr. Weimin (Liu( Kaufman, Greg Evershed and Frank Razavi being the first people to join our team that already included my daughter Erin Crowley, my co-rounder at the ATVentureCenter, and myself. Our core team of fosix highly experienced and trained professionals, each with distinctly different skills gave us a solid core that could bridge us to a much larger team in the future.

Team building is the most important component of any new venture - even in advanced technology ventures. Without a great and diverse team at the outset, most ventures of any kind are doomed to failure. 

In our case, another key decision was where to locate our team within the greater Rochester NY area. After an extensive search, we decided to locate at Legacy Tower (formerly the world headquarters building for Bausch & Lomb) in downtown Rochester. At the Legacy Tower we found the best combination of world class office space, plus training centers and conference rooms that are the best I have ever seen anywhere.

After a long period of step-by-step construction of our entire business plan, we have decided it was time to come out of our organization cacoon and interact with the our regional universities, labs, research centers and advanced tech insitutions...and our regional current and future entrepreneurs, professionals, manufacturers and service firms to bring our concepts of Technology Entrepreneurship and Advanced Technology Commercialization and Venture Creation into the light of day.