By Michael Crowley, Copyright 2019 All rights reserved.

On March 8th, my daugher Erin Crowley, (my co-founder at ATVentureCenter), and I, along with our entire team, will take on a new challenge that will also take us into uncharted adult/executive educational training territory.

In cooperation with the Rochester Insitute of Technology (RIT)  - College of Engineering Technology, our Center will bring a series of 9 day-long CERTIFICATE of attendance courses in Technology Entrepreneurship and Advanced Technology Commercialization to any one seeking to understand the fairly complex (yet ultimately readily understandable) process that brings advanced technology patents from universities, labs, research centers and National Advanced Technology  Insitutes (like AIM Phontonics and ReMade in Rochester, NY) to the global marketplace.

I believe that is only through the joint training between the business colleges, STEM colleges and private sector focused venture creation firms like ATVentureCenter, that we can effectively reach out into the manufacturing businesses, corporate oriented professionals and current or prospective entrepreneurs in our region of the US to create an "Army of Techtrepreneurs) capable of commercializing our vast collection of patents being created each and every day - that go to waste! 

Only about 5% of our research created patents are ever commercialized - let alone be brought to a national or global marketplace.

Yes, there are several excellent Master's level degree programs in Entreprenereurship and Commercialization that cost as much as $70,000 to attend, 

And, of course, there are comprehensive Master's level programs that can be taken online at your own pace - in large measure. And these programs often cost over $20,000.

Our program is different with different short and long term objectives - it is in-person, hands-on and directed towards the goal of building commercialization departments in small, medium and large firms (or reenergizing an existing department program.) We come at this from a very practical hands-on approach created by real practicing serial technical entrepreneurs/educators that works for entrepreneurs as well as corporate manufacturers and service companies seeking to get ahead of the competition through advanced tech.

Our program is also meant to be taken with the goal of learning how to create Mini-Silicon Valleys throughout our nation where high tech exists in the absence of experience high-tech entrepreneurs and capital.

And, our program only cost $3,600 for the entire Certificate program and only $400 per course per day. Forty-five (45) hours of instruction for a cost of $80 per hour.

Our program is designed expressly for working men and women who wish to learn the "tricks of the trade" of Techtrepreneurship that only comes through the actual practice of technical entrepreneurship and real world licensing and commercialization.

It is my opinioni that the underlying cause of our national economic malaise in high-tech manufacturing is the direct result of the loss of the generation of business persons and scientist who used to work on "skunk works" projects within our major manufacturers. My father, like so many military persons, used the GI Bill after WWII to get a degree in Chemistry that he put to great use at Kodak as a researcher and inventor for over 35 years.

In the past, Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb truly had an army of commercialization experts bringing our regional hi-tech to the marketplace for many decades post-WWII. When this Greatest Generation left the workforce, they were replace by MBAs who viewed skunk works projects with great skepticism. The result of what my father called "The MBA Era" at Kodak was not very good at all - as we all know now.

Different times require different strategies for success. 

We believe that if we can create an army of Techtrepreneurs, in-house or as independent entrepreneurs - our economy will boom once again and we will have created a new Mini-Silicon Valley right here in Western NY and then many other Mini-Silicon Valleys throughout the US.

We need to support of our entire community to make this entire plan and program of education work.

I hope you try out our new programs - as they say "Try it you, your will like it"

Hopefully, we will see you soon.