While small entrepreneurial businesses make up over 99.7% of all US businesses, they make up 53% of the work force and are responsible for majority of innovation.  Traditionally these small businesses tend not to understand how to commercialize advanced technology. In Rochester, NY Kodak and Xerox at one time had tremendous R&D and commercialization within their businesses. These large firms fueled economic opportunity and major job growth. In our region we have lost many major employers. The impact is that the smaller businesses don't know how to commercialize advanced technology to grow their businesses. ATVentureCenter has studied this problem and has developed solutions to address these problems.  At AT Venture Center we know that through intrapreneurship organizations can enhance their competitive advantage and tackle their own internal problems through solution development. However now all companies have all the resources to test new ideas, product and technology internally. Through sponsored research with our universities companies have the ability to develop solutions hand in hand with the university and build solutions for both internal problems and market challenges which can then be commercialization for corporate development.


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