Current initiatives

ATVC-Jiangsu Association for International Science & Technology Cooperation (JAISTC) - Five year exclusive working agreement for joint US-China R&D and Advanced Technology Venture Commerialization in the PRC. Agreement signed April 17, 2017 with JAISTC and US-China Center for Advanced Technology Venture Creation, LLC and ATVentureCenter. Currently, JAISTC, US-China and ATVC are working to license and commercialize the technology owned by five US early-stage firms seeking joint development and over $10 million in capital from Chinese partners. Technologies include breakthough advanced technologies for IOT devices for heart monitoring, vision care and fintech, plus a new formulation of epinephrine and gait analysis.

ATVC - RIT College of Engineering Technology - Joint creation of new technology entrepreneurship and commercialization education certificate program taught by ATVC staff, with training at ATVC's headquarters training center. Greg Evershed, Director, Applied Research and Corporate Engagement College of Applied Science and Technology at RIT is the CET- ATVC Advisor

ATVC-Dental Prosthetic Device and Dental Sleep Medicine IOT Research Venture. Spring 2019 release.

ATVC-FinTech IOT Cybersecurity/Anti-Fraud Reseach Venture. Summer 2019 release.

Current Partnerships:

  • RIT-College of Engineering Technology - Adult Education
  • Jiangsu Province, PRC, Jiangsu Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation
  • University at Buffalo - (In discussion) led by Xianling (Ben) Wang Ph.D in Chemical engineering - UB


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