We believe that the traditional approaches to venture creation need reexamination for the fast-moving technology implementation required of 21 st Century technology product, process and service-oriented firms. Our novel approach to technology entrepreneurship moves beyond the mechanics of technology commercialization and into the world where equal focus is placed on creating the right team versus the solo entrepreneurial model. The right team is the key to capital formation when the technology solution is the right one for the go to market strategy.

We also believe that start-up launches have limitations that can be overcome by partnership and licensing strategies that build networks and industry relationship from the outset of the launch. Understanding the needs of the venture capital marketplace and the product and service marketplace allows us to create capital using realistic domestic and international capital sources that are matched properly to the tasks at hand at launch and thereafter.

Our senior management team lends its vast transactional knowledge to the mix giving our technology entrepreneurial efforts a senior level management approach to problems solving combined with extensive technical entrepreneurial expertise that is lacking in most ventures.

Sanatela Medical tm was formed in January 2019 as a subsidiary of ATVentureCenter to take advantage of the remarkable advanced technology being patented in Upstate New York's universities, government labs and research centers (the region we call STEM Valley USA tm) specifically  including the medical and dental technologies created at University of Rochester research centers. 

Sanatela products will follow our vision that STEM Valley NY will quickly reemerge as a major advanced technology manufacturing center. Sanatela is currently negotiating with licensors to obtain breakthrough medical products for commercialization.


For more detailed information about our facilities, staff, partnerships and training series, we welcome you to get in touch with us today by calling 585-546-8311.