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Entrepreneurial Thinking #4: The Market Risk of Doing Nothing: Never Be a Conservative Prisoner of the Past

AT Venture Center's Top Startups

Women In Advanced Technology

ATVentureCenter launches ATVC CoWork for entrepreneurs and startups fall 2020

ATVentureCenter launches Sanatela AT Medical Solutions- Cancer and Drug Screening Platform

Entrepreneurial Thinking #2: Great customer service goes a long way towards fixing the mistakes you'll make in your initial businss plan

Entrepreneurial Thinking #3: It is alive, well and prospering at the University of Rochester, Simon School, Mark Ain Business Competition.

Entrepreneurial Thinking Lesson #1: Stop, Look, Listen & Think...What direction is this bus going?

Founder's Voice #1 - The Game is On!

Founders Voice #2 ATVentureCenter Creates New Concept in Adult & Executive Education in Techtrepreneurship TM in association with RIT (CET)

Jiangsu Association for International Association for Science & Technology Cooperation (JAISTC) & Rochester, NY's ATVentureCenter (ATVC) & US-China Center Sign Five Year Agreement

Q: Who owns the future? A: It is not the nation most successful at innovation...it is the nation that successfully commercializes advanced technology.

RIT College of Engineering Technology (CET) & ATVentureCenter Launch a Joint Technical Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Certificate Program


Courses & Upcoming Classes

Advanced Technology Accelerator Program

Ribbon Cutting

Creating STEM Valley(TM) Round Table Talks

Course 1: Techtrepreneurship 101- Who will own the future

Techtrepreneurship 101

Techtrepreneurship 101

Course 2: Tech selection- The winning strategy

Tech Selection- The Winning Strategy

Tech Selection- The Winning Strategy

Course 3: Creating the fearless team and all that jazz

Course 4: Demystifying Sponsored Research and Corporate Commercialization

Course 5: Commercialization Licensing and capital formation strategies

Course 6: How to develop a persuasive global licensing and marketing plan

Course 7: Quality and the road map success

Course 8: Due diligence and Intellectual Property Analysis

Course 9: Creating Mini Silicon Valleys- Vital importance of AT venture creation to GPD growth in WNY

Building a Silicon Valley

Building mini Silicon Valley

Creating Mini Silicon Valley Short Course followed by Young Technology Entrepreneurs Q&A Panel

Initiatives / Partnerships

NewsRIT College of Engineering Technology (CET) & ATVentureCenter Launch a Joint Technical Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Certificate Program

Accelerators and CoWork

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Consulting Services

Licensing and Commercialization

Advanced Technology Accelerator

US-China Delegation Training and US Visits

Venture Creation - ATVC Creates Medical Product Subsidary & Trademark - Sanatela Medical tm in STEM Valley, USA tm


Frank Razavi - Director Commercialization & Licensing

Greg Evershed - Board Advisor

Erin Crowley Ellis- President & COO

Michael Crowley - Founder & Executive Director

Ryan Ellis- Board Advisor

Xianling (Ben) Wang Ph.D - Board Advisor

Techtrepreneurship™: The Art and Science of Technology Entrepreneurship and Advanced Technology Commercialization

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