Greg’s experience and consultative approach have created strong collaborative partnerships. He has worked with mid-sized and large organizations to provide organizational development solutions focused on transforming organizational cultures for continuous improvement through Lean Six Sigma. He has lead employee development through customized technical training solutions, fostering business relationships into long term strategic partnerships with defined goals, objectives, and metrics to report and measure growth.

Greg approach incorporates a client needs-analysis process to develop value-added solutions. He has extensive experience with developing customized value propositions for clients resulting in innovation in product and service delivery. He brings an in-depth knowledge of organizational issues and challenges of the R&D, Product Development, Manufacturing and Engineering functions, with expertise in bridging gaps between technical product design and marketing strategy.

He has created numerous corporate/university partnerships in support of university research collaboration with a contribution to corporate partner business objectives. His experience with the development of strategic plans involving innovation in product and service development has given him a deep understanding of how to use marketing function in the service of business development and articulation of competitive differentiators.

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