Michael Crowley, J.D. is serial technology and financial industry entrepreneur who is also both a university collaborator with RIT’s College of Engineering Technology and a Research Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Professor Crowley is also the Co-Founder & Executive Director of the AT Venture Center and the Founder of the US-China Center for Advanced Technology Venture Creation, LLC

After a fifteen year career as a serial technology entrepreneur commercializing and launching eighteen advanced technology businesses into the national and global marketplace, Professor Crowley spent the past decade working exclusively in the field of advanced technology entrepreneurship and commercialization research and the education, consulting and training of business, government agency and university personnel.

Professor Crowley has delivered over 1,000 lectures on innovation, technical entrepreneurship & entrepreneurship, venture capital formation, technology licensing and commercialization and international business transactions at a number of national universities (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, George Washington, George Mason, Virginia, University of California & U of R) including training seminars for over 500 senior Chinese technology management, marketing, eCommerce, investment banking, venture capital & finance, technology entrepreneurship, risk management and innovation educational delegations to the United States. Michael has also served for eight years as a Lecturer and Program Developer at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland China Initiative.

Professor Crowley has now joined with RIT’s College of Applied Science & Technology and created a new series of lectures on the art and science of advanced technology commercialization system he calls Techtrepreneurship ™ based upon his extensive research in the field with the US and China - combined with his extensive experience in launching new advanced technology enterprises.

The principle purpose AT Venture Center and RIT CET joining forces is to help create a new technology entrepreneurship ecosystem for Western New York researchers, businesses and professionals seeking to unlock the dynamic power of advanced technology manufacturing for products, services and processes. By focusing upon training existing businesses and service-oriented professionals in the WNY region about how the entire step-by-step commercialization process works – from the lab to the marketplace – AT and RIT believe that we can provide the necessary educational “fuel” that will help jump-start the revitalization of the growth rate of the WNY region driven by new AT internal and external business.

Professor Crowley believes that the missing key to unlock the power of advanced technology to create great jobs and tremendous GDP growth is to create a new group of Techtrepreneurship Professionals who are capable of either creating successful start-ups or building in-house commercialization capabilities for existing businesses of all sizes and types. Additionally, we need to educate the research community on how to work with, and fully understand the critical role of, commercialization service professionals and Techtrepreneurs.

No amount of great research by itself creates even one single product or one dollar of capitalization for new tech ventures. Michael believes that our ability to commercialize the vast amount of research generated by our government labs, universities and research center has outstripped our national capabilities to bring these products to market. ATVC intends to equalize research and commercialization.

Immediately, prior to returning to law school in 2004 to pursue a Post-Doctoral law degree in International & Comparative Law at The George Washington University Law School, Professor Crowley had spent 15 years focused primarily on two areas of endeavor – Venture Capital/Investment Banking and Serial Technology Entrepreneurship.

His educational background in both law and business at Marquette University and his professional career as Vice President and General Counsel of several major public and private corporations allowed Professor Crowley to smoothly transition from one career to the next using his acquired knowledge from one to build another career in a related field. This ability to see the broad spectrum of ideas both domestically and internationally has allowed Professor Crowley to add practical “battle-tested”, creative and innovative insights gained from his real world experience to his lectures and new ventures that has helped make him one of the leading global lecturers in the technology entrepreneurship field. 

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