Accelerating organizations to become more innovative, entrepreneurial and transformational to match the needs of our newly globalized world.

The ability to accelerate unique products and partnerships is proven by the track record of the AT Venture team. Leading a group of research, commercialization, brand, and marketing experts, founder Michael Crowley has personally launched, and successfully commercialized 14 advanced technology businesses. As an international financial industry professional and business executive, he has generated over $2.2 Billion for his clients seeking early-stage and capital formation. He is an avid educator and seasoned speaker. Over the past decade alone, Michael has trained 15,000 + students in over 500 foreign delegations to the US, including business leaders, university professors, tech researchers, executives and other professionals on the best practices in the capitalization and global commercialization of advanced technologies.

Our Services

Training and consulting on topics such as Venture Creation, Commercialization & Licensing, Strategic International Transactions and Entrepreneurship for both US and Chinese executives, professionals, governmental agency personnel, and university students.

Advisors / Members

The ATVC is not just an educational center but it is also a place of business, housing a specialized team of ATVC members, primarily dedicated to Technology Entrepreneurship and the Commercialization of Emerging and Advanced Technology.

Initiatives / Partnerships

Through our Western New York AT Development & Commercialization Ecosystem Initiative, we are working in partnership with several major universities, to create a better and more coordinated regional approach to AT Development & Commercialization.


We use our uniquely targeted educational perspective to work with and train prospective technology entrepreneurs, (we call our Certified Trainees “Techtrepreneurs™”), teaching them to work together in perfect rhythm and tear down the “silos” that exist within the technical entrepreneurship ecosystem.



Our events include on-site Trainings, Lecture Series, and a Training/Certification Program in “Advanced Technology Commercialization”, in partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology. Locate, register and pay for upcoming events and trainings.

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It is our belief through the advancement of truly advanced technology, we can positively effect GDP growth in participating markets, on a regional to global scale. If we educate business, research, and academic leaders on how to commercialize their advanced research more effectively, we can make a measured and impressive impact on our world.

For more detailed information about our facilities, staff, partnerships and training series, we welcome you to get in touch with us today by calling 585-546-8311.