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ATVC is an venture builder dedicated to the expansion of the commercialization of advanced technologies. Our unique positioning and process allows our commercialization    accelerator  to be the catalyst for advanced technology to move from concept, through the various stages of development, licensing and on to launching funded companies and beyond.

The ability to create unique products, launch technology startups and curate partnerships is proven by the track record of the AT Venture Center team. Leading a group of research, commercialization, licensing, manufacturing and tech-trepreneurs, founder Michael Crowley is a serial entrepreneurs who also has an extensive legal and professional  background in business and start-up funding, having funded over $2.2 Billion of capital formation in his career. An avid innovation and technical entrepreneurship venture creator, researcher, educator and seasoned speaker, he presented  over 1,000 lectures on the commercialization of advanced technology to both US and Asian executive and governmental agencies academic and business communities.

Located in Rochester NY the ATVC our team works in multiple US markets and consults on international projects regularly. Startup launch events and accelerator training  will be held regularly at their headquarters in the Legacy Tower, in downtown Rochester. Please follow our social media and mailing list [here] for updates and events.

Our events include trainings, lecture series, and a training/certification program in “Advanced Technology Commercialization”, in partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology.

It is our belief through the advancement of truly advanced technology, we can positively affect GDP growth in participating markets, on a regional to global scale. If we educate the startup businesses, researchers, and academic leaders on how to commercialize their advanced research more effectively, we can make a measured and impressive impact on our world.

We also seek to identify, and potentially fund,  joint technology development opportunities to work with US-based universities, institutes, government labs and research centers.

The concept for the creation of an advanced technology venture creation center combining entrepreneurial, executive and researcher education with the implementation of commercialization proven innovation implementation schemes was developed by our founder after he was challenged by governmental and university leaders, in the US and Asia, to find a new and better ways to bring advanced technology products and services to the domestic and global marketplace.


We are seeking US emerging and advanced technology developers who have proven technology, presumably beyond the working prototype stage, that clearly fills and identifiable market niche that is large enough to eventually attract a Series A round of venture capital investment. Your firm should have protected IP that is licensable without any infringement on existing IP



The ATVC is headquartered at the Legacy Tower (formerly the Bausch & Lomb Tower) located in downtown Rochester, New York. In addition to its co-worker office space, private conference room and kitchen, ATVC has on-site catering and three large conference rooms available for client meetings of up to 16 people, plus a training center that is perfect for groups of 25 – 100.




We intend to improve the traditional R&D commercialization process by not only training new technology entrepreneurs but by also training the researchers about how the commercialization process can work far better with better communication and goal setting practices designed to bring new products and services to the marketplace.

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