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Elected Officials Join Regenerelle and Sanatela Medical for Grand-Opening

by Town of Perinton Author | September 9, 2021

(Rochester, NY: September 9, 2021) — Today, elected officials, as well as private partners, joined the executive officers and multi-disciplinary team of Regenerelle™ and Sanatela™ Medical Solutions to celebrate the grand-opening of Regenerelle’s bio-tech manufacturing location in the Town of Perinton. Regenerelle not only manufactures hundreds of billions of highly valuable and pure Mesenchymal Stem Cells (“MSCs”) and Extracellular Vesicles (“EVs”) derived from Umbilical Cord Wharton’s jelly, but it is also currently the contract manufacturing facility for its affiliate, Sanatela Medical. Rochester natives Michael C. Crowley and Erin Crowley Ellis of AT Venture Center co-founded both companies to help to support global regenerative medical practices and to fight cancer and other life-threatening diseases through the use of innovative stem-cell-based solutions.

The new manufacturing location will expand Regenerelle’s current capacity by allowing the company to produce hundreds of billions of highly valuable and pure Mesenchymal Stem Cells (“MSCS”) and Extracellular Vesicles (“EVs”) each month that are used in supporting global regenerative medical research and practice. Regenerelle will also provide added R&D and manufacturing support for Sanatela’s on-going efforts to combat cancer through use of the Sanatela Matrix and the company’s other bio-tech products.

MSCs are self-renewing, multipotent progenitor cells with multilineage potential to differentiate into different types of cells. In addition, MSCs can migrate to sites of inflammation and exert potent immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects through interactions between lymphocytes associated with both the innate and adaptive immune system. In clinical settings, MSCs produced by Regenerelle are being explored in trials of various conditions, including the effects of the Covid 19 virus and Long Haulers Syndrome, orthopedic injuries, graft-versus-host disease following bone marrow transplantation, cancer gene therapies, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases (ALS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s, Type 1 diabetes, and liver diseases.)

The Sanatela Matrix will be marketed and sold as a Lab Developed Test (“LDT”) that will guide oncologists to accurately predict, in vitro in the lab, precisely which chemotherapy treatment will eradicate a patient’s individualized Cancer Stem Cells (“CSCs”). Sanatela’s new LDT will be used by oncologists to isolate and to culture CSCs in vitro. Once a patient’s Cancer Stem Cells are isolated in vitro in the Sanatela Matrix, oncologists will be able to precisely target and potentially kill CSCs in the patient’s body, because they are the real root cause of cancer. Using Sanatela’s LDT, oncologists are thereby enabled to select which chemotherapy drugs will be most effective for treating each individual patient.

As part of the grand-opening ceremony, the Sanatela co-founders dedicated their first 2,200-square-foot manufacturing clean lab to honor the generous investment of Debbie Martell of New Jersey, an early supporter of Sanatela. They unveiled a plaque designating that first laboratory as “The Vicky & Tony Martell Laboratory.” “I want to help cure cancer,” Martell explained. “It is very personal for me. Cancer has taken my brother, my mother and my father. I have come to understand that stem-cell based therapies are the future for cancer cures, as well as other diseases. I want to support this new scientific approach that will give hope to other families like mine.”

Sanatela Medical Solutions manufactures stem-cell-based products now being used in clinical studies for treatment of Leukemia and other cancers. Regenerelle produces Mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton’s Jelly that are now being used in research to treat Covid -19 long-haul symptoms, osteoarthritis, and neurodegenerative and immune-mediated central nervous system disorders.

Most recently, Regenerelle is the recipient of a $200,000 award, through the County of Monroe via Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grants. That award will allow the company to purchase and to install high-tech production equipment and to hire new bio-tech employees to increase the production of MSCs for Covid 19 and Long Haulers Syndrome clinical trials and global treatments and to expand the company’s manufacturing facilities to fill an additional 4,400 square feet at their existing site. “Our manufacturing scale up plans are efficiently designed to become the leading provider in MSCs – which are the ‘Gold Standard’ of stem cells,” said Crowley.

In attendance for the ceremony were local elected officials, as well as, project collaborators who facilitated and supported the grand-opening and expansion.

“I am honored to welcome Regenerelle and Sanatela Medical’s expanded bio-tech facilities here to the Town of Perinton,” said Legislator Sean M. Delehanty, “This state-of-the-art technology will help saves lives and further progress the fight against cancer and other diseases right from our own backyard. I look forward to their continued success in our community.”

“The Town of Perinton is thrilled to welcome Sanatela Medical to our community,” said Perinton Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna. “A family-led start-up looking to revolutionize the field of cancer treatment, their work will have a tremendous impact on the lives of so many. We wish them much success as they continue to innovate and break new ground right here from the Town of Perinton.”

“This ribbon-cutting has been years in the making – starting in the brilliant minds and labs of the University of Rochester and evolving to become this state-of-the-art facility in Perinton where dozens of talented workers will find sustainable employment and help to change lives for years to come! Monroe County has been a proud and steadfast partner to Sanatela from the beginning, and our team is proud to have supported this transformative project with financing and other incentives alongside our partners. We commend Michael and Erin Crowley and all of their collaborators on reaching this milestone, and look forward to supporting Sanatela’s continued success,” said Monroe County Director of Planning and Development Ana Liss

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