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Adam Interviews: In Conversation with Dr. Aljitawi

by Adam Chodak | September 20, 2019

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Dr. Omar Aljitawi was working in the Midwest studying stem cells when he made an observation that changed his life.

He concluded that if he created just the right natural 3-D biomaterial he could get leukemia cells to grow and open themselves up to screening, which could then allow researchers to better target treatment for a patient.

The potential, though, extends beyond treatment.

Aljitawi and his team at Wilmot Cancer Institute are now unveiling the product called the Sanatela Matrix with local entrepreneurs Michael Crowley and his daughter, Erin.

You can see our previous story about the medical tool and the partnership here.

This interview with Dr. Aljitawi explores his feelings surrounding this milestone moment for him.

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