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The "Stem Cell Revolution is Here" : An Analysis

by Michael Crowley November 17, 2021

A great documentary movie premiered at the Chelsea Film Festival and guess what... we were featured in it.

We provided the main commentary on stem cell treatment for the documentary produced by our first client Blue Horizons International and its owner Dr Brian Mehling, MD. Dr Brian has been a real leader in Regenerative medicine using Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from Wharton’ jelly. Many of the lab scenes were filmed at our Fairport Labs. The story revolves around a young nurse who was struck with MS at age 39 and was nearly totally disabled due to MS. She has been treated by Dr Brian and has been in remission and healthy ever since that treatment in Europe in 2018.

The question raised is why must Americans go overseas to be treated?

That is not entirely true today but mostly true in most cases Fortunately, some very good Doctors we work with in the US do give cell treatments in the Here under clinical trials, research efforts and governmental oversight. I think you will be touched by this true life experience of an MS patient and her loving family.

Hope you enjoy this documentary even though I am on screen. I am not betting on getting an Oscar quite yet.

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